street photograph ERIC KIM

Only Practitioners Should Critique, Judge, and Commentate

My belief:

Unless you are a practitioner, one should not critique, judge, or commentate.

Why? You don’t got real-life (experienced, empirical) experience. Better:

Only talk about your real life experiences and talk about what you’ve actually done or not.

For example:

  1. Susan Sontag shouldn’t have written On Photography, considering she didn’t (really) make photos.
  2. People who don’t practice street photography shouldn’t critique it, having never tried or done it themselves (seriously) themselves.
  3. Unless you’ve actually built your own company before, or became a sole proprietor of your own company, one should not commentate or write business books or talk about entrepreneurship. Or better yet, only those with risky souls should write about risk-taking.
  4. If I am a man, I should not comment on women matters. Similar, I wouldn’t want other non-men to comment on masculinity.
  5. I should not talk about the racial experiences of others (unless they are Asian). Why? I grew up Asian-American (Korean American) in America– and I can only draw upon and talk about my own experiences. I cannot and *should not* talk about the lived experiences of others.
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