Rent, Don’t Buy.

If you have an option, always better to rent instead of buying.


First of all, if you technically are a quadrillionaire… the best life is the life with the least amount of stress, worry, and bullshit. This means renting is superior:

No stress associated with maintenance, upkeep, and bullshit.

For example I got some rich friends and they tell me the stress associated with having to maintain their properties in the south of France. But the problem:

Their bank account (overseas) is locking them out. Therefore they gotta go through all this bullshit (hoops) to un-lock their international bank account.

In praise of renting cars, Uber, and rental properties

It is clear. No hidden things. If you buy something, you often get suckered. If you rent a property, if there is any problems you can ‘peace out’ (leave) anytime you want. Same goes with renting a car, or even taking an Uber somewhere. No stress of parking, maintaining the car (getting registration, smogged, etc). The true and ultimate luxury is having the luxury of not having to own anything!