Why Lexus Is Probably the Best Car Brand


The best car is no car.

But let us say you *NEED* a car.. then Lexus is probably the best car brand. Why?

Toyota is certainly the most dependable car brand. And Lexus is just a really nice Toyota (upgraded). Thus if you want the ultimate hybrid…

Isn’t the best car a Lexus hybrid, like the UX Hybrid Lexus?

Hybrid over Electric

Unless you live in California, getting public access to electric charging stations is tough. Even here in Providence .. I rarely see any electric charging stations. While I still love Tesla, Elon Musk and the Cybertruck (or even getting a used Tesla Model S), a Hybrid car is still preferable. Why?

Filling up your gas takes only a minute.

Filling up your tank in a minute is still far faster than any Tesla Supercharger. While I am anti-gasoline and burning petroleum seems stupid, it is still more convenient. And as an American, convenience will always trump everything else.

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