The Nation or the Individual?

Towards a more individualistic society.

What’s the telos of a nation?

America map

I am an American. The question:

What is the purpose or the telos of America, especially towards the individual?

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Basic things:

I don’t want others to rob me of my private property, or attack me without any sort of retribution from the police, or government servants.


I want to live in a manner in which I’m able to exercise my freedom of speech and activity without fear of being jailed or killed.


Am I entitled to anything?

I don’t think so. I am very grateful for governmental aid, and it helped me tremendously as a child. If it weren’t for governmental support, I wouldn’t have had discounted and free meals in public school, I would not have been able to afford college, and I wouldn’t have been able to become who I am today.

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But was I entitled to it? No. If the government didn’t give me anything, I wouldn’t complain. Why? The only thing I’m entitled to in America is my personal liberty. I appreciate government aid, but I don’t think I am entitled to it, nor do I “deserve” it.

In praise of paying for taxes

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Certainly I don’t “like” paying taxes. As an entrepreneur, I strive to reduce my taxes through my expenses and deductions. But still … I am grateful to even have the privilege to pay taxes. Why? My money will go towards helping other kids who need help pay for college and thrive.

A photo of me during my Eagle Scout ceremony. Alameda, California, troop 11. Me at age 18.

My personal duty

Me and my sister Annette as children

What’s my duty? Help other kids who were once in my position. To give back.

Does the nation “owe” you anything?

First thing:

The nation is not a human entity. It is just a concept.

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Who is really “holding you back”?

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Let us think empirically. Who or what is holding us back?

For the most part, I’m anti employment. I’m only for self-employment. Funny enough in Vietnamese, the word for “self employed” is “freedom work”. This seems to be the goal.

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Reality is cruel.

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Reality is cruel and doesn’t care for us. So the question:

How can we take extreme responsibility for ourselves and our own lives … even in the midst of racism, sexism, classicism, and all the “isms”?