ERIC KIM Online CONQUER YOUR FEARS Workshop (June 20, 2020 / 12-2pm Eastern Time)

Dear streettogs,

Super pumped to share my next online zoom street photography workshop:

Online CONQUER YOUR FEARS Workshop (June 20, 2020 / 12-2pm Eastern Time)

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Empower Yourself in Street Photography and Beyond

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I believe that photography and street photography is 90% guts, courage, and brazen audacity. In this dynamic online workshop (via zoom), you will learn:

  1. How to conquer your fears in street photography
  2. How to build your social confidence when interacting with strangers
  3. How to hesitate less before clicking the shutter
  4. How to transform negative experiences in street photography into positive ones
  5. How to gain more courage when shooting in the streets (how to get closer to your subjects)
  6. The secret of dynamic street photography compositions
  7. How to shoot street photography with a flash
  8. Street Portraits 101
  9. How to make timeless street photographs
  10. New motivation, ideas, techniques and approaches to elevate your street photography to the next level
London. Leica MP and flash. Kodak Portra 400

Why Attend?

I am teaching this workshop because I care. I want to give you all the secret techniques I have acquired and accumulated over the years, in order to maximally empower you as a street photographer (and human being).

Furthermore, I have a ton of fun teaching these online workshops. And trust me — this workshop is going to be an insanely hugely motivational force for you. Attending this workshop will be like a triple-shot of espresso for your creative force and power in photography and beyond.

Use this opportunity to elevate your street photography game

Nobody likes being stuck in quarantine. We street photographers delight in going out, shooting, experimenting and exploring. This workshop will give you practical and philosophical insights to improve your street photography composition, approach and ability to interact with strangers (even with face masks and social distancing).

You got nothing to lose; everything to gain.

This workshop I offer a 100% money-back guarantee. If after attending this workshop you don’t feel that you have new creative and motivational inspiration and force in your photography, I don’t want your money. You can simply email my workshops manager Neil ( for a full refund. This is true skin-in-the game for myself:

I truly care, and will hustle hard to empower you to the max (and beyond).

Osaka street photography girls

New ideas, techniques and approaches

You will learn all these new modern techniques to analyze your compositions and approaches. Some stuff we will talk about:

  1. Eye contact
  2. Ethics and morality in street photography
  3. How to best share and present your work
  4. How to analyze your photos and composition (using Google AI vision and machine learning)
  5. How to keep motivated to keep shooting during these trying times.

Is this workshop right for me?

Truth be told, this workshop is good for all photographers and street photographers from all levels and experiences, from beginner to intermediate/advanced. I think courage, audacity and brazenness are skills that all photographers and humans can use, to not only elevate your photography skills, but your personal life.

Also if you’ve attended one of my workshops before (huge thanks), this workshop will be chock-full of new inspiration, creative ideas, approaches, and compositional tips and tricks. So I encourage you to attend (again!)

Conquer Your Fears Forever

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Time, Date, and Logistics

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  • Date: June 20 (Saturday), 2020
  • Time: 12-2pm EASTERN TIME (EST! / New York Time) — Take note California and West Coast Folks
  • Tech requirements: Laptop with ZOOM installed (you can download and install Zoom for free). All you need is a semi-quiet room (if you’re stuck at home with kids, or at the coffee shop or other situations this is fine. Just mute yourself when you’re not talking). If you’re new to zoom and need tech support, email Neil my workshops manager at

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Tuition for this workshop is 99 USD. Secure your spot by submitting your payment via PayPal here or the button below. Once you submit your tuition, your spot is secured for the workshop:

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