Do You Think You’re Beautiful?

If so, why? If not, why not?

Why I think I’m beautiful

I think I am beautiful. Why? I like my muscle mass, and lower body fat percentage. I like my haircut (thank you Cindy). I like my clothes (all black everything). I like my glasses.

My basic thought:

Can any human being with a higher muscle mass and lower body fat feel ‘beautiful’ in their own eyes?

You cannot control what your face looks like … to an extent

What can we alter in our face? Decrease bodyfat percentage. Do this through intermittent fasting (no breakfast or lunch), abstinence from carbs, starch, sugars and fruit, and eating mostly meat and bitter greens and herbs. When you drop your bodyfat, your face looks better. More keen, mean, strong, and attractive.

More muscle is better

It don’t matter whether you’re male or female, more muscle is always better. Lift weights, body weights, whatever!

My joy:

Seeing progress and gains in my body: my muscle mass increasing, also my strength increasing.

Thus — you want to beautify your body.

We aren’t allowed to love our body and consider ourselves beautiful

The problem: we are not allowed to love ourselves and our bodies. This comes from Christian morality:

The body is evil.


The body is false. The only truth is knowledge, wisdom, and the soul.

This thought has plagued the world for nearly 2,000+ years. In modern times, it ain’t any better:

You must take steroids to look like The Rock. Or, you must get implants to look like Pamela Anderson, or Kim K.

Why it isn’t useful to compare your own bodily beauty with others


We do not know if others and famous people are “natty” or not.

For example, we do not know for certain whether The Rock or Mark Wahlberg is on roids, or anyone else. But you know if you’re juicing or not.

The ideal physique?

  • Selfie muscle

Is there an ideal physique? I say the ideal is:

Over time, always seeing yourself get gains.

Indefinite gains is the goal!