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FACE MASK SELFIE Photography Project Assignment

Dear friend,

A recent epiphany the other day:

Perhaps the best way for us to approach COVID-19 is this… instead of seeing the face mask as a hassle or whatever, instead … to see it as an interesting prop for us to shoot more interesting selfies of ourselves, and also to shoot interesting street photos of others with face masks!

My thoughts:


Fashionable face masks

This is the first idea. Make your own cloth face mask (can be a fun creative activity), or buy a face mask which has a nice design, nice colors, etc. 

Cindy’s younger sister Jennifer made a face mask for me and Cindy; and I really like the one she made for me. A lovely evergreen green color. And for cindy; a nice wine-burgundy color. 

Shooting RICOH GR III in jpeg and cross process filter mode is interesting. The green comes out super interesting when I shoot selfies, especially of myself and the sky!]

How to shoot selfies of yourself with a face mask

Of course you can do it however you want. Some ideas of what I’ve been doing:

  1. Use RICOH GR III to shoot selfies of yourself by extending your arm outwards, and facing yourself. From shooting from an Uber-low angle, or an Uber-high angle. Shoot verticals and horizontals. Experiment with macro mode.
  2. Shoot selfies with a flash.
  3. Shoot selfies with your iPhone. Experiment with different reflections and lighting situations.
  4. Shoot with the sun or against the sun
  5. Experiment with different backgrounds. Colorful backgrounds or neutral backgrounds.
  6. Shoot color or black and white

Then when you got your epic selfie photos, upload your best to and also give feedback to others in the community!

ARS: The Future of Social Media for Photographers

ARS: ARS is your art. BETA; your artwork (photos) are always in beta testing mode. 

Upload your photos to ARS in order to get real constructive feedback on your photos, and to also contribute your photographic genius to others. 

Check out now.

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