What is Beautiful?

That which promotes life. Gives optimism, hope and joy. A richer, more fuller future. A brighter future!

In praise of beautiful sunrises or sunsets

I saw the most glorious sunset yesterday — reminded me of the last scene in the Matrix. The hope of a brighter future.

Why was Socrates so ugly?

By all accounts, Socrates was considered quite ugly.

“The extant sources agree that Socrates was profoundly ugly, resembling a satyr more than a man—and resembling not at all the statues that turned up later in ancient times and now grace Internet sites and the covers of books. He had wide-set, bulging eyes that darted sideways and enabled him, like a crab, to see not only what was straight ahead, but what was beside him as well; a flat, upturned nose with flaring nostrils; and large fleshy lips like an ass.”  (http://plato.stanford.edu/entries/socrates/)

Certainly there is some sort of humanistic “objectivity” when it comes to beauty. For example, if you as a human had extremely “hammer head shark” type of eyes… it would be seen as less sexually attractive towards survival. Or the man with 40% bodyfat and low muscle mass is seen as uglier than the man with 10% bodyfat and high muscle mass. Why? Beauty is seen as muscular strength, physical strength, biological fitness, and physiological strength. Perhaps ugliness in human males is weakness, high bodyfat percentage, and disharmonious facial proportions.

What can you control for your personal beauty?

Simple things:

  1. Increase muscle mass and physical strength
  2. Decrease bodyfat percentage
  3. Haircut and hair styling
  4. Type of glasses or no glasses
  5. Clothing

Besides this, you cannot control your beauty or ugliness.

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