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Are Humans Made for Computers, or Are Computers Made for Humans?

Something quite funny for me is this. Asking ourselves —

Who were computers made for and designed for?

Were humans made for computers, or the other way around? This should be the origin of all “ergonomics” research in computing.


ERGO: To ‘work”

Ergon: deed, doing, action, labor, task.

nomics: the law. The usage, customs, ordinances.

Was man created for the sabbath, or the other way around?

The Jesus story in which an ox falls into a pit on a Sunday. He is chastised by others to not do work, because it is against the law of the sabbath. But then Jesus retorts and say something like:

Was man designed for the sabbath, or the sabbath designed for man?

Which means:

Humans come first, laws later.

What *SHOULD* humans do?

I just ordered a Kinesis ‘Freestyle’ keyboard and holy moly … typing on it is one trillion times better than typing on the default MacBook Pro ‘scissor mechanism’ keyboard. It is better adjustable to reduce my wrist strain. I also jerry-rigged my monitor to be inside a cupboard in my kitchen counter, to keep my eyes at around eye-facing forward ‘optimal’ distance.

Humans weren’t designed to compute

We humans were designed to walk. To run. To skip, to dance, to climb up hills, and to stand erect… NOT to be sitting down all day (or sitting at all– sitting as a modern notion).

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