Bodily vs Mental Prostitution

A thought:

Why is bodily prostitution is seen as morally depraved, whereas mental prostitution isn’t?

“Everyone’s gotta make a living”

So the saying goes. But let us think critically.

Sacred vs profane?

We tend to believe that giving birth is sacred. That life is sacred. Then perhaps to sell this for a profit seems amoral. Like selling your (third) child into slavery for a profit seems to be bad morals.

Profane: Not+Religious

Profane — before the temple. Fanum— a sacred place for a deity. In a general sense, profane means “unclean, unreligious”. Thus what we do which is NOT religious is profane (almost everything in modern life).

Of course we all have (some) morals and ethics

Even if you’re atheist, you probably wouldn’t piss on someone’s grave. So perhaps there is something interwoven about society, living in society and morals and ethics. Clean and unclean.

You don’t want to catch an STD/STI and die.

No matter who you are, perhaps the danger of having sex with prostitutes is this:

Danger of disease, infection, and perhaps death.

Thus it makes in the past, you would tell your son to avoid the brothel. Why? Risk of death! Back then before condoms and all this sexual testing, to have sexual with a harlot was probably insanely dangerous. Thus soon came the heuristic:

Prostitution is bad, because it can lead to death or giving birth to “unclean” children. Prostitution is death and disease.

Mental prostitution

Now friends — this is where things get interesting for me. Why is bodily proscription seen as bad, when mental prostitution isn’t?

Truth be told, I don’t have anything personally against prostitution. It’s a free country! However for myself, I would NEVER permit my daughter get into bodily prostitution. Similarly I wouldn’t get into it myself (even if they paid me a trillion dollars to sleep with an 80 year old woman). There are certain things that money simply cannot buy— perhaps this is what morality and ethics is all about, not “heaven and hell”, more of our own pride, taste, and personal beliefs.

Is it possible to watch porn and not jerk off?

Similarly, I have no moralistic qualms with porn, only physiological ones. I know for myself that committing “energy suicide” (masturbation on a daily basis to porn) is very bad for my personal sexual libido and power! For example going maybe 2 weeks without spilling my seed has seemed to be very good for me. More focus, energy, vigor and physiological and muscular power. Now I know why they tell boxers not to have sex before a big fight. Some of the hardcore ones don’t have any sexual encounters while they’re training.

Back to the mind.

My thought:

Modern notions of utilitarianism and money-making have eclipsed all other morals and ethics in modern society.

This is why there is no negative stigma for making lots of money, even if you’re mentally prostituting yourself. And what is mental prostitution? Selling the crevices and holes of your mind for money.

Is there anything wrong with mental prostitution?

I don’t think so from a moralistic perspective. I know I personally wouldn’t become a job I fucking hated, even if they paid me $10 million dollars a year, gave me a mansion, 5 Lamborghini cars, and 50 babes. No. I value my freedom 100000x more than all the money, cars, clothes, hoes, and markers of capitalistic success than my personal freedom. But that’s just me. And my morals and ethics are different from yours.

Perhaps we should just leave others alone, and stop being so shy, weird, and awkward about all this.

There seems to be this weird combination of modern prudishness when it comes to sex, prostitution, porn, nudity, etc. They’re all kind of lumped into one heap. But what’s the difference between art, nudity, porn, crude, tasteful, artful, animalistic, and lewd? My thought:

Typically just a nude photo of a woman isn’t “porn”— anything which suggests sexual intrigue, pleasure, or intercourse is considered “porn”.

For example, to admire the female form:

Or to make images based on a more sexual act, or activity, or eagerness:

Shunga Japanese prints

In Japanese porn, why are the private parts censored or blurred out? Theory:

With Japanese shunga prints (the Japanese aren’t really anti sex from a Christian morality perspective), “hentai”-styled sexy word cut prints were actually used as a SEXUAL STIMULUS to increase copulation between a couple.