When we call something “scientific”, we mean to say it is supreme, irrefutable, and the apex. But can science ever prove anything? No. Science can only DISCONFIRM or FALSIFY wrong notions or ideas.

So what are we to do? Best to put more focus on philosophy — which asks:

Why is this even important in the first place? Should we concern ourselves with this matter? What are the potential negative consequences or downsides if we decide to act a certain way?

Surgery is good

Surgery is good. This will save lives. But much of health advice we are given by doctors — difficult to determine. I can say for myself, it seems the “via negativa” approach works well. It is difficult to tell people how to become “healthy”— easier to tell people to NOT engage in unhealthy things like:

  1. Don’t smoke
  2. Don’t use heroin, cocaine, meth, or any hard drugs.
  3. Don’t consume sugar or drink fruit juices
  4. Don’t consume simple carbs
  5. Don’t consume high fructose corn syrup or any other fake sweeteners
  6. Don’t consume trans fats.

Then what are we to consume?

I eat fatty meats and lots of bitter herbs. I like to crock pot with Cindy, or cook steak. Kale and collard greens are my favorites, as well as kimchi.

Philosophy reigns supreme

Philosophy is King

Ancient Greek doctors, surgeons were essentially philosophers. Hippocrates and Galen had theories on humors, bile, and all this stuff (which we now know is false). But still — their theories on health and life were deep, philosophical, and advanced for their time. I bet you 2,000 years from now (in the year 4000 AD) they will think our basic notions on “protein, fat, carbohydrates” was totally basic and quite false.

Nutrition is fascinating to me, as well as human physiology because it’s soooo complex. I think it’s infinitely more complex than any modern scientists or health experts think. The notion of “calories in, calories out” is almost as bad as notions of giving someone a lobotomy.

Hard knowledge

What are we seeking? Hard knowledge. Empiricism.


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