How NOT to Go Insane if You’re Stuck at Home All Day

Practical ideas:

1.Physical exercise

Get your hormones pumping. Blast some loud music on a speaker (not headphones), and do a push-up challenge. Within an hour, see how many push-ups you can do.

Why physical exercise? Well, physical exercise is good for the body and brain. It gets our hormones and adrenaline pumping. A great way to fight cabin fever.

2.Cold shower

Take an ice cold shower. Ice cold water awakens our brown adipose tissue, which is good for our hormonal waking up.

It’s a fun challenge. I know personally after an icy cold shower, all traces of cabin fever immediately evaporate.

ERIC KIM back muscle flex

3.Creative project ideas

Front ERIC KIM flex

Make animated GIF images. Use “GIPHY CAPTURE” on Mac, or any GIF MAKER app in the app or play store.

There is something about moving images which we love! Maybe animated GIF photos are a step BEYOND static images?

4.Write blog posts

To create and make stuff is the best antidote to cabin fever.

Also, categorize your photos and have fun with it!


Listen to music LOUD! Finally your chance to pump up your speakers and juke box. Dance a bit and have fun!

6. Stretch your legs and shoulders

Wake up the muscles in your legs and shoulders — this will give you a great creative spurt!

6.Selfie photography project

Shoot selfies of yourself in different spots at home!

Also, photograph your body. Your hands, feet, face, legs, whatever!

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