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The goal: for ourselves to become more beautiful.

How to do this? Some ideas:

1. Personal physique

selfie light low angle hair


Would you rather own a Lamborghini (and have a weak physique), or would you rather be poor and squat 4 plates, deadlift 5 plates, and bench 3 plates?

If I had a choice, I’d prefer to be the poor guy with a physique of a greek god.

To become more beautiful is simple:

Decrease body fat, increase muscle mass.

2. What is the ideal body fat percentage?

2017 in Hanoi: Around 155 pounds, lower body fat percentage.
2017 in Hanoi: Around 155 pounds, lower body fat percentage.

I think for men, 10% is ideal, and for women, 20% seems ideal.

Too low body fat percentage [for men] will probably result in LESS testosterone [bad]. Women under 20% might be less fertile.

Thus the first goal is this:

If you want to become maximally beautiful, strive to get your body fat percentage to around 10-20% [depending if male or female].

Higher body fat percentage, but more muscle mass (November 2019)
Higher body fat percentage, but more muscle mass (November 2019)

3. What can you control, and what CAN’T you control?

March 6, 2020. how I currently look.
March 6, 2020. how I currently look.

My thought inspired by Nietzsche is this

the ultimate apex of beauty is the human body.

For example, I find more inspiration in the physique of Arnold than any hyper-car. Also, I find more beauty in the female physique [ideally female powerlifters with a high muscle mass and lower body fat percentage] more than any material object in the world.

With our own personal physique, body, and beauty — there are many things we CANNOT control. For example,

  1. We cannot control how our physiology of our face looks. We can change how our face looks based on lowering our body fat percentage, but we cannot change our chin shape, our nose shape, our teeth, head shape, etc.
  2. We cannot change our height
  3. We cannot change the genetic melanin of our skin

It seems then the goal is this:

strive to change what we actually can change about our body and physical physique WITHOUT plastic surgery or other third-party means.

4. Increase muscle mass

Every human being is more beautiful and attractive with more muscle mass. both men and women. And no — working out won’t cause you to look like the ‘she-hulk’ [those women use testosterone, human growth stuff, and other weird stuff].

5. How much muscle is too much muscle?

Let us think:

  • assuming you keep your body fat percentage low [10% for men, 20% for women], it doesn’t seem that there is such a thing as having ‘too much muscle’ [especially if you don’t take steroids, human growth hormone, testosterone, etc].

conclusion: maximal beauty is the goal

My thought:

  • the ultimate goal is your maximal personal self-beautification without plastic surgery, third-party chemicals, etc.


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