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Work-Life Integration

It ain’t about work-life balance, but work-life integration.

My work is my pleasure and passion, and my life is my work. The two are yin-yang and inseparable.

Is this the key to the most happy and creatively productive life? I think so.

Why do people say to balance your work and life?

Eyes abstract

Most people hate their jobs. I know very few people who are employed who actually love their jobs and are passionate about their jobs. My idea:

Either seek employment which you love, or become a self-employed entrepreneur.


Plork: a mashup of the words “play” and “work”. I think of my work as my creative labor, not as “toilsome and hateful labor”.

A simple question:

If you’re counting down the days to your retirement, you don’t love your job.

Also, perhaps the best job is the job you’d do (for fun) AFTER you plan on retiring.


Don’t have a job you hate.

It is simple — don’t do work you hate. You don’t necessarily have to love your job, but simply avoid any work which you consider hateful to yourself.

There is no shame to employment, and no shame of working to pay the bills— even if it is a “dirty job”. But perhaps we should avoid being suckered into worming a “good paying” and “prestigious” job that we hate.

This is your only life to live. Why waste any of it doing what you consider hateful to yourself? Perhaps it is better to perish than to do work that you hate.


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