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The Ethics and Morality of Street Photography

There are no ultimate morals or ethics in street photography:

Is your needs more important than the needs of others?

The tricky thing:

What is more important– the feeling of your subject, or your desire or need to make a street photograph?

For example, in candid street photography — if your subject doesn’t know they’re being photographed, is it ‘unethical’ to photograph them?

Let me posit the first point:

It isn’t a matter of ‘ethical’ or ‘unethical’ behavior in street photography — it is instead a matter of: “How much do you care to shoot the photograph?”

street photography woman

For example let us consider this fact:

Everyone who you photograph will eventually die, and so will you die.

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Think about future humanity

For example, I am very grateful that Philip Jones Griffiths shot the photos he did in Vietnam (and beyond). To me the photos of Griffiths was FAR BEYOND his subjects or himself; it was a testament to humanity.

The future of humanity is far more important than all of us.

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