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Anti Competition

Notions of “cheating” or “unfairness” are only problems or issues if you’re competing with others.

A thought — perhaps it is better to live a life that is ANTI competition? You are only competing against yourself. No competition with anyone else means you don’t need to feel jealous or envious towards others. Also, you don’t need to pay attention to others.

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Notions of “fairness” only apply when you’re talking about a zero-sum, competitive society. But what if we opted to live a life in which we were NOT competing with others?

For example when it came to our bodies, we don’t workout because we are entering some bodybuilding or powerlifting competition — we do it for ourselves and our own personal ego!

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When it comes to photography or art, we refuse to play the social media game of chasing likes and followers. Why? The algorithm has us by the balls. Also, it is a petty competition that doesn’t interest you.

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Also, consider — children don’t compete when they’re playing. A child can happily play on the playground by themselves without needing to compete with other children. Is competition a thing we are socialized into doing? Perhaps it would be better for our own ego and self esteem to NOT play any competitive sports, NOR compete in academics or other quantified pursuits.

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You only compete against your past self. Strive to become more epic today than yesterday. Strive to become physically stronger this week than last week. Personal growth and personal self-aggrandizement is the goal. You are the goal and final destination!


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