How to MAX OUT Everyday

To strive to MAX OUT everyday.


For example — striving to max out a given lift everyday.

For example, I strive to go to the gym everyday (or at least once a day). Everyday, I do a different exercise, and strive to max out that given lift.

For example let us say today I decide to do squats. I strive to increase my ‘one rep max’ by at least 5 pounds. Then tomorrow, I might try a different lift– trying to max out my benchpress (by 5 pounds). Or assuming I am keeping the weight the same, I strive to at least do a few more repetitions than I did last time (if I do chin-ups, I just try to do more repetitions than I did last time).

Creative endeavors

I no longer believe in ‘good’ or ‘bad’ creative work. I only believe in honest or dishonest work. Honest work meaning:

You aren’t faking or “fronting”. You are simply saying what is truly on your mind, and truly being genuine in expressing yourself, and perhaps trying to help others.

In your creative work, I suggest:

  1. Everyday strive to censor yourself less.
  2. Everyday strive to produce more.
  3. Everyday, strive to become deeper and more honest in your thinking.

Also — share! For myself, the more I share, the more self-confidence I build!