The new aesthetic and fashion of the future: austere luxury.

What are your aesthetic tastes?

For example, to own goods which are extremely plain and simple looking, yet extremely expensive and high quality.

For example, Tesla cars. Telsa Model 3 as a luxury small car, with an extremely austere interior.

Another example: Outlier NYC clothing. Super plain black merino wool t-shirt, but the best quality.

Another example with cameras: RICOH GR camera: extremely austere and plain looking, but a very high end luxury compact “point and shoot” camera.

Non-flashy luxury

I disdain the flashy aesthetic of BMW, although their new grilles are quite cool and aggressive.

I like the notion of luxury (high end things) which don’t scream at you. This is why the elegant and simple “all black everything” aesthetic appeals to me.

My ideal goods have no branding.

Why luxury?

The weird thing with luxury: it is seen as a moral evil (according to American utilitarian philosophies).

What is a luxury? A luxury is an art object which doesn’t have any utilitarian value, but is beautiful aesthetically and evokes feelings of joy, hope, and strength.

Everything besides not starving to death, not dying of thirst, and not dying from the cold is technically a “luxury”. But do we desire a life in which we eat nothing but acorns, drink water and sleep inside a cave? Probably not.

What do we desire as humans? We desire to augment our strength, abilities, and to expand ourselves. We seek to grow, innovate and make more art works. The human desire is for MORE. And luxury is the definition of “more”.

Simple yet the best.

I like the notion of elegant simplicity. But I also desire the best. Is it possible to have the best of both worlds; the supreme apex of quality, yet still keeping it simple, plain, and austere?



red hand ERIC KIM

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