In Praise of In-Person Shopping

Online shopping is great, but I’d rather encourage in person shopping. Why? The ability to touch things with your hand, and actually try and hold things in-person.

For myself, when I try things in-person, I often discover I don’t really like it. For example testing the new iPhone in store is useful, because I can see how the phones feel in my hands, instead of getting suckered by marketing and online tech specs.

Also I find I discover how much I truly like objects when I touch them in-person. Like Marie Kando says, when you touch something, does it “spark joy” or not? There’s so much intelligence in our fingers and hands. So when possible, test things in person, hold them in your hands, and you’ll discover how you really feel about something.

Do this with laptops, phones, cameras, clothes, shoes, watches, cars, etc. Maybe also with human beings!