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Photography as Painting

There are many different way you can employ photography. One of them is to use the camera and lens like a paintbrush — seeking colors, textures, color combinations, and “still life” opportunities everywhere in everyday life!

Seeking wabi-sabi vibes

What I loved most about living in Kyoto for about a month in the past — discovering all these beautiful textures, colors, and “worn and weathered” vibes. Wabi-sabi — things, places, and objects which become MORE BEAUTIFUL as they age.

  • Texture

Seek a combination of the organic, patina, and natural materials. Things that rust, change, decay, or become more beautiful as they wear.

See like an artist, see yourself as an artist.

Painterly photographic vibes

Also approach painting vibes in your street photography. Shoot positive film color like presets. Look for long shadows and dramatic light.

Portrait painter

Lisbon, 2018 #cindyproject

Contact sheet:

Cindy Lisbon Contact sheet

Beauty in the art of food

Even food can become a work of art! Shoot in good light, or use a flash in macro mode.

  • Seared lamb // Rosetta in Mexico City (Roma Norte)

There’s an art inherent in everything.

You’re not just a photographer, you’re also a visual artist. Thrive in your medium!

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