Your Mind is the Ultimate Filter

Why the mind is great:

It filters the unimportant.

Perhaps to augment our mind is the wrong notion. Perhaps we should strive to become “more forgetful” in some regards. Intelligence as “via negativa”– the more crap and nonsense you can filter out, the better.

As with intake of knowledge, only consume the best ideas and artwork. And let your mental digestion slowly accumulate new ideas, and filter the ideas slowly over time. Let the ideas ferment in your mind over long periods of time.

If a certain ideas sticks with you after a long period of time, it is probably a good idea. If a certain photo you’ve shot sticks with you for a long period of time, it is probably a good photo. If you’ve studied other people’s art-works and photos, and you still remember it in your brain, it is probably a good photo.


  1. Don’t strive to remember more stuff, or “do more” stuff. Better to figure out how to do less, how to have fewer cares, fewer concerns, and less pettiness in your life.
  2. Less stimuli to the brain and mind — let your mind go “fallow” more often.
  3. The empty mind is the best mind.


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