One Photo can Justify All

A thought: all of existence can be justified even with one great photo.

Also— an entire trip or experience can be justified for even one great photo. Same goes with [x] amount of money spent on an experience, spent on equipment and gear, travels, etc.



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One of my personal favorite photos thus far

For example, my entire week in Cuba can be justified with this one photo I shot and I love:

Cuba, 2020

My modern rendition of the Pieta:

Or even all my experiences with street photography — it was all justified for a few of these great photos I’ve made:

laughing lady
Laughing Lady. NYC, 2015

All of my experiences in Vietnam for this photo:

Hanoi, 2017
Hanoi, 2017

Or all of my random time in Honolulu for this photo:

Cindy at the beach. Hawai’i, 2019
Cindy at the beach. Hawai’i, 2019

Taken further — perhaps we can think:

If during your life you have even one great thought or idea — your whole life (and all of existence) was justified!