Future Fashion

Thoughts on future-oriented fashion:

Merino wool

Selfie of myself in Saigon, 2016. When I was around 150 pounds (during the writing of this post, I am currently 175 pounds)
Saigon, 2017 selfie

Merino wool as the miracle fabric. Ideal for the cold and hot. Best brand as Outlier.nyc, I swear by their Ultrafine merino wool tshirt (I’ve worn it everyday for two years). The cheaper Amazon Minus33 brand tshirt and products are also quite good.

Barefoot shoes

My feet

The future is barefoot shoes. I like the “Shark shoes” barefoot shoes here on Amazon.

Barefoot shoes — better for walking, weight lifting (deadlift, squat), being in nature, etc. More stimulation to the bottom of your feet is better for your intelligence.

Also, ability to walk further with less fatigue.

The trend towards shoes with lots of foam on the bottom of the shoe is very bad. The foam weakens our feet. The goal is to REMOVE and SUBTRACT all superfluous fabric, in order to strengthen our feet!

My ideal shoe: a barefoot shoe made out of merino wool fabric.

For cold weather, any boot or shoe with GoreTex seems ideal. I personally like the “Asolo” hiking boots (wide).

Merino wool leggings


I’ve always been searching for the ideal pants in vain. But the best happening — realizing I could just wear black merino wool leggings as pants! And just wearing black athletic shorts over the leggings (to cover my crotch).

Upside of merino wool leggings:

  1. Hyper flexible: You can stretch, do yoga, or lift weights whenever. You’re always ready to workout! No needing to change pants during the day.
  2. Hyper lightweight: Far lighter than denim or other fabrics. Also quite warm when it’s cold, and cool in hot and humid climates. When I’m in Vietnam, I cannot wear denim (too hot). I’m fine wearing black merino wool thin leggings in the summertime in Vietnam.

What’s the purpose of fashion and clothing?


It is 2020. We’re already living in the future! Which makes me wonder — what do we want from fashion?

Hyper-function is the future of fashion. To have clothing which doesn’t get in your way. Clothing which allows you to brave the elements (Goretex jacket in the cold winter, snow, and rain), and clothing which allow you to sprint, run, squat, or lift weights whenever.

Basic ideas:

  1. No cotton: Cotton sucks. Merino wool everything.
  2. Function is always first.
  3. The best clothing and fashion as invisible and doesn’t get in your way. For example, clothing which is flexible (not stiff).

Live more, dare more, adventure more!

  1. Less weight: The lighter you are, the further you can walk, and the more you can adventure.
  2. The less you worry about fucking up or dirtying your clothing, the more bravely you can live. The upside of black clothing — you don’t see stains as easily (compared to white clothes).

Fewer clothing items, but the most supreme materials

selfie iPhone pro flash

Better to own a single $100 merino wool tshirt than dozens of random cotton shirts.

Better to own one very good GoreTex jacket you can wear for 20 years than lots of random “fashionable” jackets.

Be insanely picky with your clothing. And know ultimately clothes are overrated — the goal is for you to adventure, explore, dare, be more courageous, audacious, make dope artwork, and explore new truths in life!