Why I Love Abstract Art

To me, the more abstract the art work, the more YOU must exercise your brain to interpret the image!

Making your own interpretation is more fun!

I love open ended art, because it is more fun and interesting to come up with my own interpretations of that art work.

Art without a singular interpretation

The more we can interpret an artwork in different ways, the more likely it will last. This causes debate and intrigue.

For example the ancient Chinese philosophical text the “I Ching”has been around for so long because it is so cryptic and can be interpreted in a trillion ways. The same goes with the obscure sayings of Heraclitus.

Consider the films that get the most buzz — like “Inception”. Everyone can interpret the ending, which makes it so fascinating to debate and discuss. Same goes with moral and ethical questions. Debate, argument, and war is the birth of all good things, and the birth of creative energy.

There will never be an ultimate truth or answer

This is what makes philosophy so fun and intriguing — there is no ultimate and singular answer to anything.


Make your life less literal, more open-ended and abstract!