What is Your True Tastes or Preferences in Life?

Ignore what society or “experts” tell you “what is good for you”. Instead, focus on spending much time with yourself, your own thoughts, and to meditate to yourself:

What do I really want for myself? And what are my true tastes and preferences in life?

Do this for,

  1. Lifestyle choices (do you really prefer a simple or minimalist life, or is it what others tell you how you “should” live your life?)
  2. What possessions, tools, things, equipment do you really want? For example do you want a Leica camera because it’s the best camera for you, or because of the mystique of the brand, and because of the price?
  3. Do you really want that luxury or sports car, or that watch, or that bag because you really want it or because others persuade you to sucker you into thinking that you want it?

Don’t get suckered or milked by a system which tries to “educate” you on what ‘good taste’ is!