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ERIC KIM NEW ORLEANS Street Photography Experience (Feb 29-Mar 1st, 2020)

Dear friend,

If you want to make great photographs while elevating your photographic skills, technique, and artistic vision, I cordially invite you to my upcoming NEW ORLEANS Street Photography Experience (Feb 29-30th, 2020).

O yeah, and the FOOD, coffee, sights, culture, drinks, atmosphere (and beignet deep-fried donuts) are out-of-this-world!

Why New Orleans?

I have a new personal rule:

I will only teach workshops in places I personally love going to and photographing, or new places I have not yet been (and am curious about going to).

New Orleans is the former. I’ve been there around 4 times, and every single time I go, it comes more fascinating. I consider New Orleans 1000x more interesting and profound than even Paris (and you can stay in America!)

New Orleans, 2015

The hospitality is real.

New Orleans Travel Street Photography Workshop group selfie, 2015
New Orleans Travel Street Photography Workshop group selfie, 2015

What is great about New Orleans is this:

The people and culture is truly unique and awesome.

If you’re a West-Coaster (like myself), I consider New Orleans one of the most ‘slept on’ places. The people are warm, exuberant, and insanely friendly. Ain’t no anti-social Apple AirPods wearing folks around here.

New Orleans, 2015

Furthermore, the colors, vibes, and music is great. There is tons of kinetic energy in this city which will bring your photographic vision to life.

What you will gain

eric kim contact sheet new orleans street photography portrait orange
Contact sheet, New Orleans.
  1. Increased self-confidence: Conquering your fears of approaching strangers, interacting with them, and photographing them. This skill will last your entire lifetime (after the workshop) and will help you in your personal life, your entrepreneurial life, and of course your photographic life.
  2. Increased artistic vision: As photographers we are visual artists. This workshop will give you a unique opportunity to focus on developing your artistic side. A unique opportunity to get away from the craziness of work and life, and let your artistic vision flourish. I will help guide you through the streets of New Orleans showing you how to better spot ‘decisive moments’, how to add more layers and depth to your photos, and to embed your photographs with more soul.
  3. Re-invigorated passion for photography: Photography is your passion. If you’re feeling stuck, or in a ‘funk’ with your photography (which direction to take it), this workshop will elevate you. It will re-spark and re-kindle that inner-passion you have for photography. This is priceless.

Focus on practice

New Orleans, 2015

The two days in New Orleans you will have a short (yet very intensive) focus on your photography. Throughout the two days I will give you specialized assignments on how to build your street photography skills, to build your reflexes, and to create more compelling and dynamic images. I will say that 90% of the workshop will focus on shooting, and 10% on theory and building a conceptual framework behind street photography. To be honest, you already have (most) of the knowledge you need in street photography. You just gotta do it (what this workshop is for).

Where to stay

If you’re flying into New Orleans, I recommend booking a place on or just Considering Uber is ubiquitous in New Orleans and quite affordable, you don’t need to stay in the city center (where we will do most of our shooting).

Book your place quickly. Right now hotels are in a reasonable range ($100-200 a night), and Airbnb is $50 a night and up.

I personally love staying in the French Quarter (if you want the romantic New Orleans Vibes).

For a classier place, stay on Canal Street.

Where we will shoot

Roughly where we will be shooting

We will shoot photos mostly on Canal street (the main street), and go down the side-alleys of Royal Street, Bourbon Street, and stop by some great coffee shops like Spitfire Coffee, and of course the world-famous Cafe Du Monde French Marketplace for coffee and beignets.

Also the French Market (where we will revel in the old-school French styled architecture and buildings), while getting some of the best food that America has to offer.

Don’t miss your opportunity

eric kim new orleans

What is the point of life? To make photos and great art.

What is your art-form? Photography.

Don’t miss your opportunity to embark on this street photography adventure/experience, where you will improve your skills, improve your confidence, and invest in an experience which will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Weekend of inspiration

Student Photo: Simon Jacobs, New Orleans 2015
Student Photo: Simon Jacobs, New Orleans 2015
  • Date: Feb 29-Mar 1st, 2020 (Saturday/Sunday)
  • Time: 11am-5pm (both days)
  • Class cap: 12 passionate individuals

Invest in yourself.


The investment for this workshop is 1090 USD, but if you submit your tuition before Feb 2nd, you will receive an early-bird discount for only 790 USD.

If you’ve taken one of my workshops before and would like to your special returning-student discount, please email Neil at

Furthermore, if you are traveling with a partner, friend, or spouse (and you would both like to attend the workshop), please email my workshops manager Neil at for special bundled pricing packages for you.

Secure your spot now!

eric kim new orleans workshop 2020

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For further questions regarding the workshop, travel, accommodations, or logistics, please email my workshops manager Neil at

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