iPhone Pro Review for Street Photography

My current thoughts:

For street photography the optimal cameras include RICOH GR III or iPhone Pro/11.

Let me explain:

iPhone Pro and 11 is the same

Normal lens

I think in street photography, the wider the better. The ultra wide angle lens is a game changer for street photography and shooting on mobile devices.

Ultra wide lens

When you’re shopping with the ultra wide lens, you gotta get so close to your subjects that they don’t notice your shooting photos. Why? Because technically you’re shopping behind and beyond them!

iPhone pro ultra wide

Even as a simple photo assignment:

Only shoot street photography with the ultra wide lens on iPhone Pro or 11.

Image quality

Closeup crop of ultra wide lens iPhone pro

iPhone Pro image quality is very good. To be honest not “mind blowing”, but “very good”in my book.

Shooting with a phone as personal taste

Normal lens

If I can take my pick, I still prefer RICOH GR III over iPhone Pro. Why?

The RICOH GR III is superior in these regards:

  1. Superior high contrast monochrome image quality and aesthetics “straight out of camera”. In short, RICOH GR III photos look more beautiful than iPhone Pro photos.
  2. RICOH GR III ($890) is cheaper than iPhone Pro ($999).
  3. Exposure compensation on RICOH GR III as superior (physical dial/button) instead of using the UI of iPhone Camera.
  4. To have your camera around your neck (RICOH GR III and ERIC KIM NECK STRAP MARK II) as a superior solution to capturing “decisive moments”, than just always carrying your phone in your hand nonstop.
  5. RICOH GR III as quicker, more responsive, and 100x better in low light (high iso) scenarios. Night view mode on iPhone Pro is not that great in my opinion.

Ultra wide lens as the “killer feature” of iPhone Pro and 11

I’m pumped to see more photographers in the future shooting hyper wide, to see what kind of new compositions and perspectives they can show. I can also say with my RICOH GR III I’m loving the 21mm adapter.

RICOH GR III x 21mm adapter photos


If you like shooting street photography with a phone, get iPhone Pro. Only marginally more expensive than the 11, and it’s just the better phone.

If you want the best camera for street photography, get RICOH GR III and 21mm adapter.

If you already have iPhone X or Xs and you want the ultra wide lens, the iPhone Pro is worth the upgrade.

If you’re just curious about iPhone Pro, just buy one at the Apple store outright and return it within two weeks if you don’t like it.