Become a legislator, not just a commentator.

The worst type of scholar is to become a commentator. To comment on something takes no real “skin in the game”. Your opinion of your comment is subjective, and based on the knowledge of others, therefore you are protected from being critiqued on your own commentary.

Perhaps a more noble and bold pursuit is this:

Instead of just commenting on the knowledge of others, we should go out and create our own new rules, laws, and ideas for others.

Let me explain:

The philosopher as legislator

Our duty is to create new laws, new ideas, and discovering new modes of living to the benefit of life and humanity. Of course we shouldn’t force others to believe or do as we do, but we must create new things and approaches, not to simply comment on others.

The problem with commentating

When you comment on something, you’re not really adding much new to the table. So many scholars and individuals in the world make their living to comment, criticize, or critique the actions, thoughts, or lives of others. I think this comes from a source of weakness and fear.

When you critique the works and ideas of others, you protect yourself from asserting your own opinion.

Why I hate name droppers

The problem with name dropping is this:

You must validate your own line of thinking or acting by saying that “someone wiser than me who came before me did x, y, z”.

By name dropping, you relinquish your own authority to state your own opinion. You don’t need to validate your own opinion by quoting others.

Instead, assert your own personal truths. State your opinion. Don’t quote others.

Above all don’t be afraid. There’s very little at stake in the grand scheme of things. You won’t be burned at the stake for your opinions, nor will you become excommunicated from the community and starve to death.

The best life is the uncensored, direct, and free life. Freedom of speech as being of the greatest goods of all.

But what’s the point of freedom of speech if you’re too afraid to say what’s really on your mind? Or if you have nothing to say?

Be bold, audacious, and brazen in your life, thoughts, and way of speech!


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