Truth is Ugly

There are so many ugly and horrifying things about truth, the world, life and existence. Yet in spite of all this ugliness how do we have the strength and motivation to keep on living and thriving?

Anti resignation in life

My personal gripe with Buddhism or a lot of religions of resignation:

The world is ugly. The best way to bear existence is to do as little as possible, effect the outside world as little as possible, and to be as passive as possible.

No. The world might be ugly in many regards, yet life is still beautiful. Life is the greatest blessing beyond all bounds of the imagination. To be born on Earth (and still alive today) is the greatest boon possible to all of humankind.

Art is the answer

Art (ARS) is what makes life worth living. The ability to beautify existence through art (your art creation). The ability to experience artwork from others.

The purpose of life and living is to create art

Artists like W. Eugene Smith saw much ugliness in the world. Yet he still saw so much beauty. I think his primary skill was to transform the ugly into the beautiful through his photography:

Art creation is the goal

Optimize your life to create art. Art above all! Art above your career, your family, and above petty concerns for the future. A life in which you’re not able to maximize your artistic procreation isn’t a life worth living.

Never stop making your own art!