How to Gain Faith in Tomorrow

Extreme faith and hope into the future:

In praise of travel

Travelng: a phenomenal way to see the world anew with fresh eyes. Berlin, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hanoi, Saigon, Dalat, Mexico City as my favorites.

Plan a trip somewhere in the somewhat close distant future: something wonderful to look forward to!

Excitement for new technologies and innovations

Technology is great. We’re living in the most phenomenal time in history. Consider all the uber epic technological innovations today (internet, connected devices, phones, photography, digital arts).

So many new future forms of self expression!

Excitement to witness your personal self-evolution

In praise of weight lifting: seeing real progress in your muscular and strength growth.


Read philosophy: discover a handful of thinkers who you admire and find inspiration from them. My personal favorite as Nietzsche. Whenever I read him, my mind gains wings.


Own your own website and blog ( The best way to make a wide impact in the world: sharing your ideas and art works!

In praise of tragedy

Tragedy: shows that despite the tragedy of existence, life is still beautiful and worth living!

Physiological health

I’m convinced that 90% of our “mental health” problems are actually matters of poor physiological health. For example if you’re sleep deprived, of course you’re mentally going to be unwell.

Mental unwellness as a reflection of physical unwellness.

Thus it seems that even one solid night of sleep (10-12 hours of sleep) can restore us.

Perhaps it is also fitting to “detox” through intermittent fasting (intermittent fasting from food, alcohol, caffeine).

The sun shines

The day tomorrow promises a beautiful sun. Call your shots in the future like a smoking gun.

You got this, you’re strong. Hustle hard today and tomorrow, you’ll never die; you’re forever young.


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