Why I Love Diversity

In Praise of Diversity

Currently connecting through the London Gatwick Airport and something that I love about London (and a lot of cosmopolitan cities) is this:

I love diversity in human beings, culture, society, thinking, art and life!

Diversity is more fun and exciting. I hate mono culture; it’s boring. If variety is the spice of life, then diversity is the key ingredient.

Increasing you

With more diversity in thought, people, and ideas, the more opportunity you have to discover new ideas which resonate with you.

For example, I love Bauhaus German design, Zen minimalist aesthetics, American audacity and entrepreneurial spirit, and Korean-Confucian customs (education, respect).

There’s more than one way!

As a youth the difficult thing was there was a lot about my Korean culture and perspective I hated. American culture was a bit of my refuge and rebellion. However there was a lot about American culture I despised (materialism, consumerism, obsession with bigness, etc). I’m very grateful for my travels to opening my mind to new ways of thinking, doing, and living!

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