How to live and become more spontaneous

If spontaneity is the goal, my question:

How do we actually become more spontaneous, and how do we (allow) ourselves to live more spontaneously?

What is spontaneity?

Sponte — of ones free will, voluntary (spontaneous).

Thus a spontaneous action is an action which derives from your own voluntary and free will.

In other words, freedom of action.

Spontaneous art creation and photography

Perhaps the goal is also for us to make photos more spontaneously— with our own free will and volition, and not to hesitate before shooting.


I think sleep is the key. Perhaps a combination of lots of sleep (8-12 hours a night) and lots of (strong) black coffee during the day.

My thought: we as biological beings REQUIRE tons of rest and recovery. Increased synthesis of muscular recovery and growth through eating lots of meat and protein.

Also, perhaps intermittent fasting and a ketogenic diet is beneficial for improved metabolism. And a better metabolism should help us perform better when creating art works, or even when just performing throughout the day.