Artistic Outpression

Expression = ex+press the artistic power from within yourself outwards.

I’d prefer the term “outpression”— pressing outwards (from inside yourself) your creative and artistic power and force.

Avoid artistic constipation

You got all this artistic force within yourself. Don’t let it stay stuck in your bowels— let it out!

Create in a spirit of play — don’t take it too seriously. Don’t worry whether it is good or bad. Just classify it as “fun”to make!

Just make it.

Use any tool which is convenient for you to create! Your iPhone, iPad, laptop (Photoshop, Adobe illustrator, Indesign, Photos, Lightroom). Use your fingers, hands, camera, anything! Procreate app is used on iPad to make all my illustrations. The simpler, easier, and more accessible — the better!

Just share it.

Once you make it, share it! Share it on your website and blog, and control the means of production and distribution!

You got the power!


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