Artistic Hypertrophy

With muscles to make your muscles bigger/stronger, they call it ‘hypertrophy‘:

Ancient Greek ὑπέρ (hupér, “over, excessive”) + τροφή (trophḗ, “nourishment”).

  • Hyper (over, excessive) = hupeir (beyond)
  • trophe: nourishment, food.

Applied to photography and art–

How do we become bigger/stronger/more as artists?

1. Become more multi-farious

Don’t put yourself inside an artistic box. Allow yourself to become more multifarious.

2. Artistic exertion

To invoke muscle hypertrophy, you need to first stress your muscles. You must challenge your muscles and fight against gravity.

THEN your hormones will activate, making you hungrier, and activate certain pathways in your body which wants to assimilate more protein, in order to build your muscle and sinews.

So perhaps with art, we also need to exert ourselves. We need to ‘exercise’ our artistic powers. We need to challenge ourselves, and ‘stress’ our artistic muscles, if we desire to unlock channels to help strengthen our artistic muscles.