Why Photography is Good for the Soul

Photography gives us more motivation in life. In order to photograph, we must move. Thus our personal curiosity about the world encourages us to move, explore, go on more adventures, and shoot more!

A mortal soul

I don’t believe in an immortal soul. I believe in a mortal soul that does when you die.

The soul as a combination of your physical body, your brain, your memories, your thoughts, your electrical nerves and impulses in your body, and your psychology.

Photography improves me

Photography makes me more grateful towards life, and of being alive! The whole world becomes my canvas. I can photograph anything and everything which I consider beautiful in my eyes.

I know I am mortal but perhaps I can strive to make images that will outlast me. And this is great; my future children, my information, and my photos will help future humanity.

Embed your soul into your images

Imbue your soul into your photos by creating a certain mood in your images which reflect your own inner world.

For example I’m a hopeful, optimistic, and motivated person. I strive to make photos which show this soul of mine.