Photography Composition Lessons from WONDERLAND by Jason Eskenazi

One of my favorite photo books ā€” part of our ongoing HAPTIC PHOTO BOOK CLUB (Summer):

Circular composition, getting close with 28mm lens

Kids heads in the foreground, separation of their hats, trumpet in the far right, and other kids walking in background (note their legs in a ā€œVā€ shape):

Girl and hand in far left (bookend), and couple embracing in Background

Good example of deep depth in street photography, with two open-ended stories happening in the frame.

Layers, depth, action!

Note the triple sit-ups on the far right of the frame, as well as all the action going on in the frame.

Three subjects, different depth, different directions

Focus on the background. Girl in foreground curving to the right, girl in the far background turning left.

Couple kissing far left, subtle tilt, and horses and fountain in Background

Foreground, middle ground, background, near body of water

Extreme left cow, and girl in center of frame

Couple in far right, heads cut off, and another story in newly married couple on left Background.

Far left bookend, middle cluster of subjects, dramatic right frame

Note the three clusters of people in the frame (far left, middle, far right):

Slight tilt, lots of layers, and equal spacing with subjects

Extreme far left sickle, and equal spacing between subjects

Extreme left (two subjects), and circular movement of subjects in scene

Note also the curve from the far left, going to the right, then the middle of the frame.

Circle in bottom right, layers.

Boy on bottom, three boys in background

Boy in bottom right, layers.


Center totem pole, depth.

Hand on face

Far right bookend, and curve into background

Close to the action, fill the frame.

All eyes on her


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