Why be Creative Everyday?

If you’re creative everyday (meaning, you create things everyday), you’re happier, more empowered, optimistic, and enthusiastic about life! 

To me, a life in which you’re not being creative or creating something everyday isn’t a life worth living.

What should I create?

You can create anything. Create a blog post, create a photo, create a dance, create an idea. And share your creations with others — either online on your own website-blog, or in real life! To me, the internet is the same thing as the real world, in terms of prestige and visibility.

You’re an artist

This is a big thing I want to change:

Assert yourself as an artist. You don’t gotta “prove” yourself to anyone. You’re ALREADY an artist! As a child, you were BORN an artist!

Stay true to your child’s mind — and never stop creating!


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