Live Every Moment Maximally Alive!

A thought in life:

Perhaps the best mode of being and being alive is to feel maximally alive, with the maximum feeling of power.

How to feel maximally alive

This is one of the most fascinating things to me– trying to figure out how to maximally feel alive.

For myself, I feel maximally alive when:

  1. In public places (with lots of people around)
  2. When socially interacting with other people that I find interesting and fun. The joy of fun, joking, and deep-intellectual conversations.
  3. When I feel physically powerful, awake, and overflowing with energy– and directing this energy towards artistic creation (writing, thinking, video production, making beats, etc).

Focus on your physiology

But what are the necessary pre-requisites to feel this maximally-feeling alive? For myself:

  1. 8+ hours of sleep (anywhere between 8-12 hours of sleep a night)
  2. Abundant sunshine (I don’t mind the cold, but I just hate when it is dark. For example, I really like bright sunlight in the mountains during the winter).
  3. Some form of physical activity during the day (whether lifting weights, hiking, etc).
  4. Listening to music, or not listening to music (the zen of walking without any other stimulants).
  5. Drinking a TON of water: I realized recently that I don’t drink nearly enough water. I think I’ve been dehydrated for the last few weeks, which left me feeling lethargic and weak. Ever since drinking a TON more water (10x), I actually feel maximally alive now!

In short, it seems like we need maximal physiological power.

Maximize every moment

What if we lived our lives like everyday were our last day? To not count on the ‘morrow.

This means, maximize every moment of your day– regardless of what you’re doing.

Also taken a step further:

Never do anything during your day you don’t want to do.

Of course there are some necessities for us (showing up to work if we want to get paid), paying rent, and doing taxes. But there is much to life that we think we need to do, but in fact– they are optional.

If you truly desire to squeeze the maximum of every day, perhaps we should focus on maximizing the utmost joy/feeling of being alive every moment of the day.

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