Stand Out with Your Composition, Not Camera

The most ripe area for photographic innovation: discovering new compositions for your photographic artwork.

In today’s brave new world of photography, where we all have access to the same great photographic tools, the question I’ve been curious about:

How can we stand out as photographers and visual artists?

My thought:

Don’t distinguish yourself with your camera or equipment. Instead, distinguish yourself with your composition.

Great photography is all about composition

In the past, for the most part– the equipment was much simpler. There were fewer options for cameras and equipment and formats.

For the most part if you wanted to make great photos, you just got a 35mm camera, some black and white film, and a wide angle prime lens (28mm, 35mm, 50mm) and you focused on making great compositions, while also capturing the human soul and spirit.

Truth be told, we are living in a stressful and difficult time. We are being overwhelmed with the “tyranny of choice”. Even if you want to buy almond milk nowadays, you got a trillion options.

The beauty of creative constraints

I genuinely believe that having TOO MANY options is inimical (anti) art.

In simple terms:

Reduce the number of cameras, lenses, and equipment in your life (simplify your photo equipment), and focus on shooting more photos with innovative compositions.


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