Good Pain

Good pain as growing pains. The pain you get from “delayed onset muscle soreness”. The pain of artistic and creative growth; painful, yet a good pain stimulus to our personal growth!

I think the primary mistake we make is to think that all pain is bad. However there is good pain (eupain) and bad pain.

Good pain is the pain that signals we are growing. Or perhaps we need the good pain in order to signal to our bodies to become stronger.

Bad pain as a sign we are weakening.

Good pain: Stimulates us to action.

Bad pain: Discourages us from action.

The purpose of life isn’t to elimate all pain, uncertainty, chaos.

Let us not get suckered by American notions of happiness as being the absence of pain. Similarly, let us reject Epicurus’/Buddhist notion of happiness as freedom from pain or suffering.

The good pain

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We should welcome the GOOD PAIN as the sign we are growing, evolving, as becoming something more. The same “growing pains” you have as a child, as your muscles, sinews, and bones are growing!

Don’t be afraid of pain. See the good/growing pains as an accompaniment to your personal evolution!


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