No Faults

A thought:

There is no such thing as a “fault”. All different character traits of ours can be used however so, and the interpretation of our actions or behaviors being “good” or “bad” is socialized.

For example, let’s say you’re characterized as “aggressive”. Now, perhaps others say this is a bad thing — but in what regard? Certainly if you’re a boxer, aggression is a positive trait!

Or let’s say you’re not good at “focusing” and you’re easily distracted. Perhaps this is a good thing — you don’t follow bullshit, and you learn at a much more rapid pace.

So the takeaway is this:

Don’t see any of your actions or behavioral traits as “good” or “bad”, nor should you think of them as faults.

Your character traits are your “mutant powers”— simply harness that character trait and your personality in a powerful way. Yield your personality like a powerful tool and weapon of self-empowerment.

Be more unabashedly you.


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