The Art of Living Light

It seems that life is much better when we live light.

For example I’m currently in Hanoi, and love being uberlight. RICOH GR II x ERIC KIM NECK STRAP, two phones (laptop back in the room), and I can walk around all day with little fatigue or anything holding me back.

Living vs traveling

To me the notion of “traveling” doesn’t really make sense to me. To me, traveling and living are one in the same.

With your daily activities, it seems to live light is best. Why?

  1. Lightweight bag: You can walk more all day, shoot more photos, and less pain in your back, neck, etc.
  2. With uberlight camera (RICOH GR II) you end up shooting more during the day, having more fun, and less annoying pain with heavy equipment.
  3. With lightness, you feel more free.

When in doubt, optimize for lightness

With living, optimize for lightness:

  1. Light devices
  2. Light concerns/worries
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