We Eat and Drink Coffee Several Times a Day– Why Not Create and Shoot Several Times a Day?

I met my buddy Wouter in Hanoi the other day, and we had some spirited talks on photography and life.

An idea that I came up with him:

Why is it so hard for us to shoot or create photos everyday. We eat and drink coffee (several times a day)— why not create and make photos several times a day — and upload and share photos and blog posts several times a day?

More than just one a day

Problem: we are ruled by algorithms. The “optimal” regularity to share stuff online is once a day (precisely at noon). Otherwise we will get “punished” by the Facebook/Instagram algorithm for posting “too much”. But if we don’t post at least once a day, we also get punished.

I propose let’s create, share, and publish SEVERAL times a day!

For example for the next month, see if you can write 2-3 blog posts a day (keep them simple), and create photos all day long! (With your Ricoh, phone, or whatever camera). And share these photos to your own blog. If you’re already uploading photos to Facebook, Instagram, stories — etc… why not just share these same things to your own blog instead?

Treat it like a live-stream

Live-stream your photos — like a stream of consciousness. Don’t edit. Just share!

No need for perfection. Think about a river of images, sharing your life experiences and flow.

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