ERIC KIM “Discover Your Unique Voice in Street Photography” Workshop (New York City/October 5-6, 2019)

Dear friend,

If you’re hungry to take your street photography to the next level, I cordially invite you to my Discover Your Unique Voice in Street Photography in New York City, October 5-6 2019.

How high can you fly?

I believe in you and your potential. I want this workshop to be your creative stimulus to take your photography to the next level:

  1. To obliterate your fears in street photography: Shoot boldly, without hesitation, and never miss another ‘decisive moment’ ever again.
  2. Learn the art of interaction: Discover the best social techniques to interact with your subjects in the streets. How to compliment your subjects, how to engage your subjects, and how to ‘work the scene’ with your subject to get the best image.
  3. Get closer: In this workshop, you will have the opportunity to get closer to your subjects– both emotionally and physically.
  4. Meaningful differentiation: Discover what makes you and your photographic work meaningfully different from other photographers to assert your individuality and unique style/vision.
  5. Work on a more meaningful project: In this workshop we will brainstorm creative projects for you to pursue in order to discover more personal meaning in your photography.

Why attend?

This workshop is ideal for you if you consider yourself more of an intermediate/advanced street photographer and you’re looking to discover:

  1. More personal meaning from your photography
  2. Motivation and inspiration to take your photography to the next level
  3. The opportunity to meet other passionate street photographers: Plug yourself into a creative network, to share your passion in street photography and stay connected after the workshop.
  4. The opportunity to travel to New York City (the Mecca for street photography), to go on a street photography adventure and pound the pavements of NYC.
  5. Learn new techniques/approaches in street photography: Take your composition to the next level with layers, flash, and other tips to integrate more dynamism in your images.
  6. Composition: Discover new composition techniques in street photography in order to both simplify your images, and to add more visual impact to your images.
  7. Identify your strengths in street photography and what makes you unique, to build a stronger body of photographic work.

Bespoke to you

NYC, 2013 #portra400 flash

In this workshop, you will have 1:1 access to me, to ask me any questions you have about street photography, marketing, blogging, YouTube, or anything else.

I want this workshop to be an opportunity for you to also pitch any of your creative ideas, while getting real and honest feedback.

Furthermore, I recognize that your needs are unique and different. I will custom-tailor this workshop experience to you; to maximize your personal potential!


NYC Oct 4-5 2017 group photo

Treat your play very seriously.

The biggest reason I love teaching these workshops is because they are FUN! For myself, having fun is one of the best ways to accelerate your learning, building your confidence in street photography, while also giving you the positive motivation and energy to propel your photography forward.

Don’t miss your opportunity!

Life is short. If you’ve ever wanted to shoot street photography on the streets of NYC, or if you’re looking to take your photography artistry to the next level, don’t miss this workshop.

The investment for this workshop is 1290 USD (990 USD early-bird discount if you submit your tuition before September 15, 2019). You can secure your spot by submitting payment below:

If you have any questions about this workshop or need assistance finding suitable lodging, please email my workshops manager Neil at

Weekend of empowerment and inspiration

Korean veteran. American flag. NYC.
  • Location: Bryant Park, NYC
  • Dates: October 5-6, 2019
  • Times: 10am-5pm (both days)
  • Student cap: 12 passionate individuals
  • Contact:

You got everything to gain; nothing to lose. Excited to have you!


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