Walking is the New Luxury

A thought:

In today’s sedentary society, it seems that the ultimate luxury is (one of the most basic human needs): the ability to walk!

Beyond standing and sitting

There is this notion that “sitting is the new smoking”. I agree a bit; I personally hate stirring because it causes me really bad lower back pain (even as a 21 year old, the first time I got my office job). So generally speaking I prefer to use “standing desks” to do my work, because:

  1. No pain in lower back
  2. I think more alertly
  3. Easier to dance to the music I’m listening to while standing
  4. I’m more creatively productive when standing and doing work.

But then again, there are downsides to standing all day. It seems better than standing is walking; walking as more dynamic than the static standing.

Personally I try to barbell my behavior:

Either I’m standing/walking, or lying down on my back.

Whenever possible I try to avoid sitting at all costs.

Why go to the mall?

In modern life I love to go to the mall. Why? It is one of the few places in the suburbs where I am actually incentivized to walk. Same goes for walking at IKEA.

A walking car?

Consider the unfortunate thing about driving:

The only option is to sit while driving.

Imagine if one day they make a “standing car” or a “walking car” (imagine a car that is tall, which you can stand up while operating it).

It seems the only downside to being an Uber driver or a taxi driver is having to sit for 10+ hours a day.

What do the rich do?

It seems the rich enjoy:

  1. Traveling
  2. Going to farmer’s markets
  3. Going shopping
  4. Going to the mall (indoor or outdoor)
  5. Going to the gym, or doing some sort of physical fitness
  6. Running/”jogging”
  7. Dancing

In short, all these activities involve moving, walking, standing on your two legs and moving yourself around.

Don’t think of walking as “exercise”

Perhaps we should think of walking like reading a book, or sleep. To walk is an extremely joyful and pleasurable activity, while also perhaps being essential to our health, physiological thriving, and perhaps to walk is to he human?

My best thoughts are always conceived while walking. Walking is the supreme form of “ideation” (creation of ideas).

Furthermore to be a productive photographer, just walk more!

Treat walking as a wonderful luxury, and delight in every step!