Never Stop Iterating

Publish and things in progress, because your art (ars) is always in beta mode (

What does it mean to “iterate”?

To iterate is to:

  1. Attempt something
  2. Gain feedback
  3. Do it again, but this time with more knowledge, wisdom, and useful information to integrate into your actions/ideas/thoughts/artworks.

Make a minimum viable product (MVP)

I love this notion of “iterating”— a quite popular Silicon Valley notion. The basic idea is this:

Don’t strive for perfection— instead, seek to produce the “MVP” (minimum viable product) to publish/share/make.

And once you put that thing out there, keep improving it indefinitely, based on feedback.

For example, write a blog post that you consider 80% “good enough”, and hit publish. Later you can edit it some more, or you can simply move “onto the next one”, and write something new.

The rolling stone never grows moss

As a photographer, keep shooting, and keep iterating your images.

  1. Keep shooting
  2. Keep selecting photos to process
  3. Process the photos, share them, then start the whole cycle again.

The goal isn’t to achieve “perfection” in photography— it is the “kaizen” art of constant (and gradual) improvement.

Or in simple words,

“Can’t stop, won’t stop!”

Make on!


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