Thinking about 10x:

10x thinking

To me, 10x thinking is one of the most fascinating learnings I got from Peter Thiel and from Silicon Valley culture. The basic idea:

Strive to make 10x gains in life, or see how you can become 10x more.

For example, I’d argue that Amazon has made shopping online (more than) 10x more convenient. For me, riding an Uber is 10x more convenient than driving and parking. Digital photography (and more recently, smartphone technology) has made photography 10x easier (and cheaper).

I’ve been thinking to myself:

How can I take myself 10x?

Meaning —

  1. Can I make myself 10x stronger?
  2. Could I blog 10x more on a daily basis?
  3. Could I create 10x more photos?
  4. How can I leverage my strengths and talents 10x?
  5. How could I become 10x wiser?

10x philosophical and innovative thinking

Of course the 10x thinking ideology is more of a philosophical tool, not a literal one. For example, I cannot take my 405+ pound deadlift and 10x it to lifting 4,000 pounds. But I could use a crane to lift 4,000 pounds.

But one of the reasons I started arsbeta.com was because I thought to myself:

How could I scale myself (more than 10x) to create a platform to make photography feedback and critique more productive and effective?

Think 10x

Think bigger. Think 10x bigger. You’re capable more than you think you are.

10x Simplicity

Also think simple. Strive to make your artwork and lifestyle 10x simpler. It’s 1000x more difficult to make something simple than complex.