10 Practical and Simple Photography Tips

Practical and simple photography tips to get you motivated to shoot more!

1. High elevation

Stand up high, then shoot looking down. This will allow you to get more interesting layers and depth in your photos.

2. Shoot lots of photos of the same thing

If you see something epic (like an epic sunset) shoot tons of photos. Shoot verticals, horizontals, tilt your camera, and experiment with different framing.

3. Shoot indoors

Don’t just shoot in the streets. Often what happens indoors is very interesting; especially when shooting indoor at coffee shops and restaurants.

4. Colors

Whenever you see interesting colorful things, make a photo that divides up the colors.

Top left corner circle, top right curve, and color in bottom right:

5. Photograph designs you like

Photography is also useful as a memory recollection tool. Whenever I see design or fashion I like (design, the color combination, functionality), I like to photograph it for future reference.

6. Shoot things with and without a flash

Whenever I see an interesting scene or textures, I always like to shoot the scene both with (and without) a flash. Sometimes it looks better with a flash, sometimes it looks better without a flash.

You can use the integrated flash on your camera (if it has one, like the RICOH GR II), and even experiment with it on your phone.

7. Keep shooting until you get eye contact from your subject

Keep shooting a scene and intentionally attempt to get detected. Photos with eye contact are generally stronger than photos without eye contact, because it feels more intimate. It feels as if the subject is looking at you!

8. Photograph people doing hand-gestures

If you shoot photos of people doing hand gestures, it feels more intimate. You feel their emotions via their hand gestures.

9. Photograph dripping paint

Jackson Pollock it; dripping paint is interesting to look at from a visual perspective. Dripping paint has more soul.

10. Photograph your selfie

Shoot your shadow, hand, self in the mirror, your feet, or any body part of yours! Have fun!

Conclusion: There are no truths in photography, only tips.

Never stop shooting; don’t worry about perfection. Perfectionism leads to paralysis (Don Dillon) and leads to less productivity.

Focus on your own creative productivity, and let everything else fall to the wayside.



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