How to Get More YouTube Subscribers

Practical thoughts and ideas:

  1. Think of YouTube like a search engine: When you’re typing things to search for, what do you type? Optimize your titles for this. For example, I would search “Travel photography tips” on YouTube, and thus I made the same video with the same title.
  2. Be human: We follow people because we like them as human beings. Put more focus on yourself and your own personality/soul than your content.
  3. Substance, not content: I hate the word “content”, because it implies that our artwork is a generic slime. Think of the videos you create as “substance”. Make videos which are important to you, and make videos which you consider as substantive. That means, make videos which are personal and interesting to you.
  4. Never stop uploading videos: The best way to get more subscribers for YouTube is to never stop making videos and uploading videos! It is simple math: the more videos you upload, the more subscribers you will get in the long term.
  5. Don’t stick to a single genre: Allow yourself to create videos on any topics which interest you. Mix it up, shoot videos on your phone, gopro, digital camera, webcam camera, etc. The more diverse the videos you make, the more likely people will discover you and subscribe to you.

How many subscribers are enough?

Mexico City selfie, 2019

Never judge your success on subscriber numbers.

If you only had 10 subscribers, but Keanu Reeves was one of your subscribers, wouldn’t that be better than having 100,000 generic subscribers? Of course!

This is the challenge: most of us measure our success and progress by numbers. But this is misleading, because you can never measure the quality of something with numbers. There is no truth in numbers.

For example the Roman poet Horace wasn’t as widely read when he was alive (compared to his contemporaries). Yet thousands of years later, we still read him, and we don’t know the name of any of his contemporaries.

Thus think long-term; seek posthumous fame for your YouTube videos and contribution to humanity!

Never stop producing,


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