Why Live a More Interesting Life?

You only live once. Why live a generic, boring and “safe” life when you have it in your power to life a more fun, risky, chaotic, and interesting life?

What has society or your parents taught you?

For the most part we are taught to be generic, safe, obedient, and to "follow the rules". Why?

My theory:

Society can only function and thrive if you have members who "follow the rules" and follow certain customs and culturally consistent-behaviors.

Now, when you follow the rules, society benefits, but you as an individual lose power.

And in modern society, all individual actions are seem as immoral (sinful, not moral, unethical). Why? Anything that is good for the individual is generally not beneficial to the herd. Individual behavior has no utility for society.

In American and much of modern society, any actions which have no utility to society are seen as evil and sinful.

Thus if your goal is to become more individual, society is your enemy.

What is "society"?

As a sociologist, even now, I am not sure what this phantom (which we know as "society") is.

What is society? To me, society is just cultural norms which pervade a certain society or social group. There are rules, and certain behaviors which are seen as beneficial (good) and certain behaviors seen as evil (bad for society).

Further with modern capitalism, the emphasis is on making more money, producing more things, and spending more money to purchase more things.

Thus modern capitalist society considers people who don’t make money as evil. People who don’t produce are seen as evil (lazy) who just take "hand outs". People who don’t spend money are seen as "scrooges" and bad (they are "anti-society).

What is good for the individual?

Thus if you want to be an individual, perhaps these behaviors are good:

  1. Don’t think that the purpose of your life is to make money (or to increase your spending power).
  2. Don’t always focus on being "productive" (in the vulgar toilsome labor mentality). Lazy is not evil. Whenever someone calls you "lazy", it is always a subjective moral and ethical judgment (who is to say which behaviors and actions are "productive/good" and which axtions are "lazy/degenerate"?)
  3. Don’t feel like you always need to spend money and buy stuff. Accumulating more money in your bank account will give you more freedom and control in your life.

Follow your own desires and needs

It seems the best way to thrive and live an interesting life is to simply follow your personal curiosities, passions, enthusiasms, and interests.

It means not looking at others for approval, and instead, seeking joy in life by ignoring others, and living a life which challenges you, and pushes you to change, grow, and evolve. It means focusing on your self development, and having fun while doing it!


To live a more interesting life, avoid boredom. Let dissatisfaction drive you upwards, and never stop striving for more!


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